What are chanclas? There is so much to say about chanclas, but if I had to explain them in a sentence, I would say that they are a practical piece of footwear worn by champions. Now, chanclas come in many different sizes, shapes and styles. If you’re looking for an affordable shoe which, by no means, compromises style for comfort, unlike its biggest market competitor, the Ugg, you’re in luck. If you’re tired of going to school and getting made fun of for what you’re wearing on your feet, your problems end here. But one does not simply walk into a Walmart and purchase a pair of chanclas.

Chanclas are rare commodities, but fortunately they can be easily ordered online. So what’s the catch? The only bad thing about chanclas is that there are so many styles to choose from that you can easily waste half a day shopping for the perfect pair. What’s that? You’re asking me for a recommendation? Oh, well then, it’s your lucky day. Here’s a list of my favorite chanclas, accompanied by high quality photographs.

Jock Chanclas
Fisherman Chanclas
Western Chanclas
Chanclas on a Budget
Chanclas au Natural
Edible Chanclas

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