Damn. This app I downloaded to help me spend less time on my phone says I’ve been spending seven hours staring at my screen all day. It’s telling me I need to increase my face-to-face communications. If I’m not mistaken, I just went to staples to buy a Bluetooth mouse. I also wanted to get an Easy Button. Turns out they don’t have them anymore. I guess I could order one online. Be right back… 

One hour later: So I went to buy the Easy Button on Amazon, and they had them in red and blue. I didn’t know what color to get, so I took a Buzzfeed quiz on what color represents me best. Turns out it was purple, which is right in the middle, so I just bought two of them. I got one in English and one in French. I can use the French one when I’m doing French homework, which, ironically, çe n’est pas facile. I want some ice cream. Hmm…i wonder what the best ice cream place in my neighborhood is. Hold on…

Half an hour later: Brian and I are going to get ice cream at Fredo’s dad’s ice cream shop, which is ranked fifth in the area, but I know him, so whatever. I mean, that app did say I should spend more time talking to people face-to-face and stop staring at screens. And here I am at my computer writing a post about it. At least I’m getting something done, right? I mean, it’s better than looking at my phone. Hold on, just got a text…
Two hours later: DAMN!

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